Why We Won’t “Top” Trees

Topping of trees is a service for which many new customers request.  However, we do not offer this service; as it is not a proper or ethical pruning practice.  Topping a tree seems like a practical way to reduce the height and wind sway of a large tree, or to keep...

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Early Spring

March is here, and this is the final month until September to prune your elms. After March 31st the seasonal Elm pruning ban takes into effect. We ourselves are also coming out of our long winter hibernation, and look forward to pruning trees and removing unwanted...

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It’s October and here at Northern Tree we are still going strong! Our plan is to prune and remove residential trees until the ground freezes (which hopefully won’t be until the end of November). After the mercury drops below -10 degrees we will wind things down for...

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This is a great time of year for Northern Tree to prune your trees for dead wood and storm damage. The trees being in full leaf make it easy to spot the dead branches that naturally accumulate over the seasons. Once the leaves fall we can still see what’s dead; it’s...

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Fruit Trees

The mild winter seems to have preserved many of the flower buds on our trees and shrubs. Never have I seen so many blossoms on the apples, cherries and plums as I have this spring. It could make for a messy summer once the fruit from all those flowers becomes ripe....

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Are Trees Damaging Your Property?

Tree pruning is both an art and a science! As such, it should only be performed by certified or trained professionals. Most of our staff have been in the industry for over ten years! We know how to prune your tree to ISA standards, and it shows.

Emergency Storm Service

Things go “bump in the night”, and we are just an email or call away. We have experience in almost every situation, and since 1999 we’ve seen a lot of them! This when you really need experienced and reliable tree care professionals. And to be reliable, we only accept as many storm damage clients as we can handle. Too many firms take advantage of storm damage as big money makers. Northern Tree isn’t one of them. We won’t take advantage of your misfortunes, but in turn we only provide this service to so many.


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